Let It Go

Let It Go

18~ I do not promote self harm or eating disorders~Just sharing what the inside of my mind looks like~Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder~Ask me

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They’re still bloody why.



i cannot try for you anymore. i cannot try for myself

i am the only one trying hard enough if not the only one

i cannot love you nor can i want you

because you do not want me nor can you love me

sociopathic love is no love

no love of mine.

not because theres no emotion

but because there is no sense.

sense in our brains

sense in our emotions

sense of affection and love.

sense of direction 

we are going no where.

we are heading toward distruction

you will destroy me

and i will destroy you for that.

i wait for messages and notes that wont come

and love that doesnt exist.





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Anonymous asked: please don't cut darling, I love you<3

easier said than done, and thank you <3


can i fucking die already

All these scars are the reminders of you saying all those awful things to me. Tell me, who tells there best friend that they’re fat and that they should kill themselves knowing that they have depression and struggle with self harm? Who? And you know what? I still love you after all the horrible things you’ve said, you’re still perfect to me.

feeling lonely

im going to isolate myself

feeling hurt

im going to cut myself

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